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Foundation Stallion-Parvadean The Governor
Stallion- *Oldeworlde Brilliance
Performance Gelding-Balsuma Llewelyn
Mares: Balsuma Destiny, Balsuma Lambada, Balsuma Lady Liberty
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 Photo Credit top left title page :A.R. Schockett,
 *Parvadean The Governor with whip Jeff Kohler
Center logo photo credit:Shoot Photographic, Campbellville,ON., Canada

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This website is in the process of an overhaul. We have been limited in making major changes but are working on it . For current information always check directly by email: or facebook: Suzanne Schockett.
Welcome to the Balsuma web site. The name Balsuma originated from family names Bryn, ALan, SUzy and MAx Schockett. Balsuma (aka-Alsuma prior to the birth of their daughter Bryn in 1985) started on the Island of Martha's Vineyard in Eastern Massachusetts. Balsuma relocated to Plympton, Massachusetts for about ten years, and in October of 2003 moved to the rural community of Dighton, Massachusetts in Bristol County. They are about 15 miles East of Providence, R.I., 40 miles South of Boston, and approximately 50 miles from Cape Cod. The Farm is easily accessable from Logan International Airport (E. Boston, Ma.), or T.F. Greene Airport ( Providence/Warwick, R.I.). They are also very accessible from major highway routes such as 495,195,138 and 44.
Balsuma is a small breeding facility.  For many years they stood, produced and showed with great success -*Parvadean The Governor  the multiple International Supreme Champion, Individual Legion of Merit and Sire Legion of Merit, imported Section C Welsh Pony of Cob type Stallion. (see foundation stallion page for information).
They generally produce 2 to 3 Section C foals a year (See stock for sale page). Foals are produced from quality Section C Mares (daughters of Parvadean The Governor). Mares such as Balsuma Destiny, Balsuma Lambada and Balsuma Lady Liberty  (see mare page for pedigrees and information) and from occasional outside mares that they may lease. (check for perspective foals on mare page)
The Schockett's have accrued many Supreme Champions, Grand Champions, Champions and 1st place awards with their Welsh over the past twenty five years. They are proud to have taken these honors at such shows as the Royal Welsh in Wales, Glanusk, Royal Cornwall, Ponies U.K., Northleach, Lampeter, West Midlands Stallion and Youngstock Show ( all in the U.K.). The Royal Winter Fair, Canadian Pony Breeders,Canadian All Welsh Show and the Carriage Classic ( all in Canada). In the U.S. top honors have been taken at several American National Shows such as (Elmira, N.Y., Syracuse, N.Y., Bel Air, M.D., Canfield, OH and Tulsa, OK.) Eastern National Shows at Quentin, PA., Leesburg, VA., Syracuse, N.Y., Springfield, MA. and many annual Shows at the same locations. Also at several top performance venues like Walnut Hill Carriage Show, Pittsford,N.Y. and many USDF Dressage Shows to name a few such as Ox Ridge in Connecticut, Fieldstone NEDA Show in Halifax, MA. and Stonleigh Burnham in Greenfield, MA.
Balsuma originally started off with a lovely Mountain Pony mare bred by the Penrhyn Stud at Grazing Fields Farm, Buzzards Bay, MA.- Penrhyn Wonder Why (*Rowfant Peanut x Tewdwr Little Wonder), and  a Section C-Magic Lantern of Penrhyn (Magic Ball of Penrhyn x Penrhyn Pennywise).  Over several years the farm has bred and shown all 4 sections of the Welsh Breed as well as partbreds (produced from a Thoroughbred mare). Finally a decision was made to concentrate on C's and D's eventually just on C's (or the Welsh Pony of Cob type).  Occasional crossbred Sportponies as well. Over the years thoughtful time and concentration has been given to bloodlines and type with any of the sections that Balsuma has imported, or bred. Balsuma is a very small breeder dedicated to type, quality and promotion of the entire Welsh Breed. They have been active in Welsh, Open, Driving and Dressage Shows, Clinics, Equine Events and Welsh Breed Societies. They have always tried to keep themselves educated and inform the public on the virtues of all four sections of the Welsh Breed.
 The Welsh Breed is made up of four distinct sections. The Section A-or Welsh Mountain Pony standing no bigger than 12.2 hands in the U.S. (smaller in the U.K. and Canada) is the foundation of the entire breed and the purest. They make wonderful children's mounts and excellent driving ponies.The Section B-or Welsh Pony is up to 14.2 hands in the U.S. (also smaller in the U.K. and Canada) with no lower limit. This section is known for its flowing trot and its larger stature making it an excellent riding pony, especially for pony hunters, they also excel as driving ponies. The Section C -or Welsh Pony of Cob Type is not exceeding 13.2 hands. This section has all the quality of the pony sections but the added power, bone and substance of the Cob, and excels in all performance venues. The C should have both knee and reach straight from the shoulder, and have hocks well flexed and engaged from behind. The last section is, The Section D-or Welsh Cob they are over 13.2 hands with no upper height limit but generally averaging about 14.2 hands. Section D's are powerful movers, full of pony spirit who excel as ride and drive mounts. More information about the Welsh breed can be found from various Welsh Breed Societies (check links page for some examples).

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